Sunday, April 17, 2011


For the longest time, I've been contemplating creating a blog that was intended for the professional community. But let my clarify something.

When I say "professional community", I'm not talking about CEO's or other types of executives or professionals that already have so many programs already intended for them - - forums, conferences, training, coaching, blogs, etc. No, I'm specifically targeting a group of professionals that are often overlooked, undervalued and seemingly forgotten about. I'm specifically talking about Executive Assistants.

Anyone can be an Executive Assistant. Sure, it sounds like a fancy title for an administrative assistant who might be slave to some busy executive. But, while this position requires similar skills to that of just a regular administrative assistant, there are also a very specific set of skills required that set apart Executive Assistants from the rest. Any successful (or even not-so-successful) CEO or other executive can attest to the damaging effects of a poor Executive Assistant. Likewise, they will also tell you how invaluable a successful and highly skilled Executive Assistant is as well.

My name is Kristina and as of the date of this entry, I am 30 years old. I have been an Executive Assistant for much of my working life and over this time, I have developed various skills and knowledge about being successful in what I do. In my position with my current company, I have been given the opportunity to actually train and work with other Executive Assistants with different companies. I thought I'd create a blog to try and do something similar, but on a much wider level utilizing the internet to reach the vast audience of Executive Assistants out there.

♥ kristina